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DOCX is a file extension used by Microsoft Word, starting from its 2007 version. It is used to store document files in a ZIP-compressed XML-based format which can also include other media like images and graphics. One of the benefits of having XML is that it is an open standard and can be read by applications, software and Internet platforms. It is not so possible to open DOCX file with a version of Microsoft Word prior to 2007, and it would be necessary to convert the DOCX to an older document format DOC.

Any application that supports OfficeOpen XML can access and work with DOCX file format. One of the advantages of the DOCX format is that it can be read and opened by the vast majority of office suites for Windows, Mac and Linux. The DOCX format supports more advanced security and rights management standards in comparison with its predecessor and, therefore, the information stored in XML could be more secure.

One of the main drawbacks of the DOCX format is the licensing fees of the software that can open it. Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word is a closed software that requires the payment of a license, both for use on a computer and in the cloud (Office 360).

One of the advantages of working with these files online is that you can have them available wherever you go, both for editing and for creating them. Today there are various online editing services, and the most notorious and popular is the one provided by Google which is available just by having an active Google account. All software that is necessary for it is have a modern and updated web browser. Below is a list of available online services which can open and work with files in DOCX format:

  • Google Docs: Free service provided by Google for editing documents in DOCX format, whose only requirement is to have an Active Google account.
  • Groupdocs: service provided by the homonymous page with limited functions but very useful to make corrections on the fly and more.
  • PDFFILLER: trial type service for editing DOCX documents, however in its output you have the option of downloading as a PDF file, doing the conversion automatically or as DOCX. This service is not free, although they offer a 30-day trial.
File Extension Info

DOCX Quick Info
  Microsoft Word OOXML Document File
  application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml. document
Opens with
  Microsoft Word
  Microsoft Office Online
  Apache OpenOffice