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DOCX: Since 2007 Microsoft employs a DOCX file format, which is created by using Office Open XML. The format is a ZIP file containing the text in the form of XML, graphics, and other data that can be translated into a sequence of bits using patent-protected binary formats. At first it was assumed that this format would replace the DOC, but both formats are still widely used today. The benefit of having XML open is that it is capable of being read by other applications, software and Internet platforms. However, to open it with a version of Microsoft Word prior to 2007, it would require converting the DOCX to a normal DOC format. These types of files improve data management and recovery. Any application that supports XML can access and work with DOCX. The DOCX format usually has much more advanced security standards than its predecessor and therefore the information is stored in XML and is much more secure.

EPUB: is a format and, at the same time, a file extension that is mainly used for e-books. The term is an acronym for electronic publication. EPUB allows the data and information contained in the e-book to be read and distributed by users and is supported by many e-book readers, both software and hardware. In terms of software, there are compatible for most smart devices, tablets and computers. EPUB is a technical standard published by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). It became an official IDPF standard in September 2007, replacing the old Open eBook standard. One of the advantages of the EPUB format is that there are two types of layout: fixed and variable.

To do this conversion, it is best to use an online conversion service, as these avoid having to install software on your PC or Mac.

Below is a list of popular online services to convert EPUB to DOCX

The steps are practically the same for all the mentioned services:

  • Upload EPUB file: Select files from computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or add URL. You can also drag it or copy and paste it.
  • Choose DOCX output format: Choose DOCX or any other desired output format.
  • Click on convert: some services offer to configure particular characteristics as an option.
  • Download your DOCX file: When your file is converted, you can save DOCX file to your computer
File Extension Info

DOCX Quick Info
  Microsoft Word OOXML Document File
  application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml. document
Opens with
  Microsoft Word
  Microsoft Office Online
  Apache OpenOffice